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Zhongguancun beijing-tianjin-hebei collaborative community released selects four cooperation functions

Source:JY ZhuangChen       Time:2016-10-13       Views: times
  To give full play to the ZhongGuancun national innovation demonstration zone in beijing-tianjin-hebei collaborative innovation radiating and driving play the leading support and community construction, the zhongguancun national innovation demonstration zone beijing-tianjin-hebei collaborative innovation community building action plan (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") officially released on August 30th.Zhongguancun national innovation demonstration zone beijing-tianjin-hebei collaborative innovation community building action plan (2016-2018)

  Clear plans, give full play to the zhongguancun demonstration zone science and technology innovation center and also strategic emerging industries, focusing on tianjin binhai - zhongguancun science park, the coordinated development of hebei caofeidian demonstration area, Beijing airport economic zone, hebei ecological function areas four strategic cooperation function and baoding several projects to undertake, such as building elements gathered together and sharing resources, industry chain upstream and downstream high cohesion, mutually beneficial and win-win park.

  (a) to speed up the construction of tianjin binhai - zhongguancun science park

  Push the zhongguancun demonstration area and binhai new area such as the comprehensive reform policy integration, the common system and mechanism innovation, talent attraction agglomeration in the zone, financial services, investment and trade facilitation, etc, to carry out the first try and innovation, on electronic information and advanced manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy and other fields, the construction of high level and manufacturing base.

  (2) To promote Beijing zhongguancun (caofeidian) high and new technology achievements transformation base construction

  Supported the zhongguancun open all kinds of innovation resources to caofeidian Shared agglomeration and radiation. Support the zhongguancun science and technology financial institutions such as the construction of caofeidian branch, perfect the caofeidian technology service system. Support the zhongguancun enterprises to actively participate in Cao Fei Survey - seawater desalination industry base, tangshan circular economy park and other major projects, through zhongguancun new technology and new products in caofeidian project, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, as well as to demonstrate the application in the field of people's livelihood project. Support the next generation Internet, seawater desalination, laser show, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, such as general aviation industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises in caofeidian layout, building new industry cluster.

  (3) to support Beijing's new airport economic zone construction

  Hair with market mechanism, to support large data, artificial intelligence, Internet, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy, such as intelligent manufacturing, new display zhongguancun enterprises to actively participate in the new airport construction, promote the construction of infrastructure, air transportation, civil aviation general services, logistics service level and ability, etc. Support the zhongguancun especially aviation services, modern logistics, modern service industry cross-border e-commerce, comprehensive bonded, air financial fields such as enterprise cluster development, speed up the formation of new economic growth point.

  (4) Support the construction of hebei ecological function areas

  Support the zhongguancun garden go with zhang yanqing zero carbon emissions test area surrounding the Olympics construction and energy Internet industry demonstration zone, promote energy conservation and environmental protection, energy, Internet, industrial agglomeration development of sports tourism, convention and exhibition business, etc.

  (5) play a role of the market, and support a number of industrial projects to undertake construction

  Backing to baoding, construction of the zhongguancun innovation center, through capital, talent, management, service output cooperation way, creating distinctive collaborative innovation platform. Give play to the role of the market, encourage the development of the zhongguancun enterprises according to their own actual, combined with local resources endowment, through the investment to build, participation, mergers and acquisitions, authorize, brand output, such as a variety of ways, zhongguancun (positive definite) integrated circuit industry base in shijiazhuang, qinhuangdao points in haidian estate of zhongguancun park, and other sharing platform and project development.

  Cultivating engineering implementation of emerging industry

  Main land build regional high-tech industry

  "Plan" explicitly, around a new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacturing and new materials, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy and modern transportation industry, support the zhongguancun enterprises carry out application demonstration, promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and cultivate strategic emerging industry cluster.

  (1)promoting the development of beijing-tianjin-hebei big data industry innovation

  (2) to promote the coordinated development of intelligent manufacturing and new materials industry

  Pushed the joint exploration into the beijing-tianjin-hebei enterprises and the enterprises in zhongguancun "Beijing - web design - made in different ground" model, we will accelerate the establishment of a carrier to make research and innovation center as the core, engineering data and the network service center for important supporting manufacturing industry innovation network, the promotion supported by independent control hardware and software system of "4.0" industrial production mode, mass production line wisdom new industrial applications such as machine. Support the zhongguancun enterprises in tianjin binhai new materials, tangshan, the construction of collection of new material research and development, test, production in a body's industrialization base, grab the new material research and development, production and application.

  (3) Promoting wisdom medical demonstration application

  (4) promote the development of regional integration of intelligent transportation

  Supported zhongguancun enterprises integration of public traffic card, vehicles, traffic lights, road monitoring, such as data resources, combined with the weather, environment, population, land and other industry data, the construction of traffic data.

  (5) service area ecological environment construction

  "Transformation and upgrading of traditional industries demand, in areas such as steel, cement, petrochemical, support the zhongguancun enterprises in industrial furnace reformation, by-product heat pressure, industrial energy system was used to optimize technical services, such as joint flue gas desulfurization and denigration, dust removal efficiency and coal, coal clean utilization, such as volatile organic compounds treatment technology demonstration application. Support zhongguancun enterprises to carry out the integrated application of building energy saving technology and intelligent renovation project, in yanqing, Zhang Bei conditional areas such as promotion of distributed energy, transport and intelligent micro grid storage demonstration project.

  The implementation of beijing-tianjin-hebei talent circle construction project

  Promote the innovation in high-end talent agglomeration and cross-regional business

  "The plan" explicitly, focusing on key cooperation zone, actively promote the talent exchange and joint training, perfecting cross-regional professional service network, to achieve beijing-tianjin-hebei talent to join each other support policy, work system mutual docking, resources, market penetration, development platform to support each other, the system mechanism reform and promote each other, growing to attract top talent.

  (a) Concentration of high-end talent

  Push Beijing "sea poly project", zhongguancun "high poly project" cross covered with little to attract high-end talent policy, support for talent and team work in beijing-tianjin-hebei places and entrepreneurship. Strengthen the role of zhongguancun overseas offices, to attract top talent and beijing-tianjin-hebei, Hong Kong and foreign investment to provide services. Support to academics, park, an incubator, sea garden and beijing-tianjin-hebei agencies, such as a business incubator to build overseas talent or investment fund, to attract overseas talents to develop cross-regional business, jointly undertake major projects, resultant force to carry out the key technology research and development and industrialization.

  (2) To build the talent service system

  Set up senior expert database of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, establish three high-level talent resources sharing platform. Establish a public service platform, Beijing, tianjin and hebei talent circle public employment and personnel services, support, Hong Kong youth, social organization organize recruitment, salons, seminars, BBS and other activities, promote talent interaction.

  The implementation of financial service integration project

  Push the organic link technology financial service system

  "The plan" explicitly, deepen the financial and technology integration, gradually in the key cooperation zones to establish support "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation" financial organization system, market system and service system of science and technology.

  (a) to promote financial policy and docking of science and technology and innovation

  Push the zhongguancun first try financial policy system and beijing-tianjin-hebei regional financial policy key cooperation and docking. Joint research in key cooperation zone tax policy to promote the development of angel investment, venture investment, bond variety innovation, small loan company pilot cross-regional operation, etc. To actively support commercial Banks to establish credit in zhongguancun branch specializes in institutions or characteristics, innovative business model, provide comprehensive financial services for key cooperation park enterprises. Relying on the zhongguancun large Numbers According to, the leading Internet enterprises, promote the construction of Internet financial assets transaction, data exchange, credit information, early warning monitoring industry, such as the third party platform, the Internet service, Hong Kong and financial firms.

  (2) Joint structures, multi-channel financing system

  further play a role of zhongguancun collaborative innovation investment fund guidance, with the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei set up funds, support key cooperation park emerging industry development and innovation business investment and financing system. Promote beijing-tianjin-hebei regional equity investment institutions to carry out the cooperation and communication, and support the domestic and foreign angel investment, venture investment development in key cooperation zone reflect. Encourage all kinds of credit, bank in key cooperation park in intellectual property pledge loans, equity pledge loans, small loan guarantee insurance, such as financing product innovation, support enterprises through, trust and bond financing.

  (3) joint and create a good environment for credit

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